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Image by Katsia Jazwinska


Everything is handmade by myself in my little studio, from making custom colours by mixing clay, to assembling all the jewellery and popping it on a handmade display card (from recyclable card ofcourse!)
Each piece is made in small batches, and as each piece is handmade, slight imperfections may be visible, however this adds to the character of your handcrafted piece.



Polymer Clay - polymer clay cures when baked, creating a durable, lightweight material ready to be created into anything you want! Even though it is slightly flexible, polymer clay can break with enough force, so keep your clay in a safe place. 
Avoid getting clay and components wet, and remove prior to sleeping and exercising. It is best to keep your clay away from perfumes, makeup and other chemicals.

Tip - If your polymer clay gets scuffed or has makeup, etc, a little cotton swab dipped in water or rubbing alcohol, rubbed gently should remove any marks!

Air dry clay - unless stated that a piece has had a sealant applied, air dry pieces are raw and simple so should not be used near water or anywhere it could be stained or chipped easily. Most air dry pieces are for decoration only, but if they need to be used for something, a variety of varnishes can be used!

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