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I have been lucky enough to collaborate with a local photographer, nature lover and mentor for MCR pathways, who shares my love for the hills and the sea, and the benefits getting outside can do not only for your body, but your mental health too.

Winner of the Greyhope Bay Photographer 2023, Justin has a beautiful collection of landscape photography, which I have used for this years designs. This year's collection is made up of 6 main stories, The Spring, The Summer, The Autumn and The Winter, as well as In the Mountains and On the Beach. I have picked 6 of his photos to create my colour palettes, but I wanted to share more with you!

Please check out his Instagram where he posts all of his pictures but also posts about positive mindset, mentoring and help with ADHD and neurodiversity, which is also something I am passionate about as I am on my AuDHD diagnosis journey. If you want to get some of these prints yourself, click here..

Clay Landscapes

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