Tools of the trade...

Being part of the crafters community on Instagram, I often receive messages asking about what I have used for a certain design and thought I would do a wee "what I use" to help anyone thinking of wanting to have a go at using polymer clay to make jewellery!

You don't really need alot to start out, but if you want to make life a lot easier for yourself (and your arms!) then getting a few extra tools is worth it. When I started out, I only used a rolling pin and some basic cookie cutters and would use a normal baking tray to bake my clay. Now I have a collection of tools I use everytime to achieve whatever collection I am cooking up!

Before I get started on making my pieces I make sure I have all my things cleaned and ready to use...and here are my go to tools...

  • Acryllic rolling pin - helps conditioning if you are doing this by hand, for getting a smooth slab ready for cutting and great for not getting that precious clay sticking when you roll!

  • pliers - these are a must for when you are assembling jewellery when dealing with tiny fiddly jump rings!

  • Tissue blades - these thin, flexible blades are great for cutting, slicing and getting your cut piece off your worktop as clean as possible!

  • Craft knife - super sharp, great for not only using to cut your shapes using a template, I also use this for cleaning up the edges in those hard to reach places before t