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Nice to meet you!

Thought I would introduce the maker behind Isle and Coast. I'm Dani, from Scotland. Wife, Mama, Coffee Lover, Boss lady, nappy changer, boo-boo fixer and most recently... Crazy Clay Lady.

With being on furlough, and husband's encouragement, I thought long and hard about a "hobby" that I could do to help keep me busy. That is when I found the world of Clay.

I have always loved art, it was one of my favourite subjects at school, so naturally I wanted to try going back to do something arty and crafty. After buying some basic bits and bobs, and making my first little trinket dish thanks to YouTube, that was me hooked. And nearly a year later, here I am sharing some of my creations with you!

Living on the East Coast of Scotland, there is inspiration everywhere! I'm also obsessed with Scandinavian design so there is a little bit of that in some of my designs too!

I will be using my blog to show what goes on behind the scenes and share all my tools and tips along the way (and also the major fails!)

Much love....Dani

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