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Gaelic & Isle and Coast...

You will notice alot of my collections and the names of some of the styles have gaelic wording...I love Gaelic!

The earliest memory I have of Gaelic, is being round at a family friends house when I was really little, and they encouraged watching cartoons in gaelic and of course, Dótaman! It wasn't until we had a family holiday in 2021 with the boys that I realised how little it is part of Scottish life now. I am used to seeing Gaelic signs when I am heading for the train when I am working ( this is my side hustle!) but you don't really see Gaelic anywhere else...Until we went to Fort William...

We stayed at The Triangle Lodge in the middle of the highlands, right on Loch Oich near Fort William. Not only was it the most beautiful place to have a little get away but there was so much to do around us. After planning a fun packed few days with the kids, and heading to and around Fort William, our eldest was baffled by all the road signs - which were in English and Gaelic. It occured to me he had no clue about this amazing language and I started looking into learning some basics and to try and get them a little bit interested in it too.

** Will be definitely heading back here for some more inspiration!

When I started Isle and Coast, being inspired by Scotland, I thought what better way to name my collections and products!

So with a little bit of help from the old internet, I was able to find a few sites that could help me on my gaelic journey - and for free so even better!! I also came across a few blogs and websites from local people which have been great! I thought I would list these resources below if you fancy a look!

I really love which is great because they have youtube videos to help with pronunciation which is so helpful! Their site is also great for lots of travel and lifestyle bits too so worth a click!

So if you are interested in finding out more on Gaelic like I plan on doing this year (one of my many 2022 resolutions) then check out some of these useful websites!

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